Commemorative Plaques


During 2011/12 the Southborough Society commissioned a local potter to produce ceramic plaques to commemorate important/notable people who have contributed to society. These plaques have been placed on the property where the individual once lived. The first of the plaques were unveiled in 2012 and the next ten were presented throughout 2013 and 2014.

We would like to express our thanks to the householders who allowed them to be placed on their houses, and our thanks also goes to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council for their financial contribution to this project.

Ralph Usherwood

Ralph Usherwood

Ralph Usherwood

Artist and Art Editor at the Radio Times. Lived on Pennington Road from 1949 until 2000. Read more about his life and see photographs of him and his artwork of Southborough scenes on the link below.


Ralph USherwood’s house

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Margaret-Bondfield pic.jpg

Margaret bondfield

Margaret Bondfield was the first female cabinet minister in the United Kingdom and was also well known for her activism for women’s rights and trade unionism.

Bonfield map.jpg

Margaret bondfield’s house

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frank woolley

Frank Wooley was an English first class cricketer who played for Kent and England. During some of his most active years he resided in Southborough on Yew Tree Road.

FRank woolley’s house

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Lord Dowding GCB GCVO CMG

Sir Hugh Dowding was Commander-in-Chief of RAF Fighter Command, during the Battle of Britain. During the 1930’s Dowding oversaw the world’s first integrated system of air defence, which became known as the ‘Dowding System’.

Dowding map.jpg


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