Listed Buildings

Readers may be slightly surprised by the length of the list. Forty six buildings are included, though not all of them are lived in. Apart from three churches, there is a monument, a railway viaduct, a pair of walls with gatepiers, a water tower, four barns and a stable. Indeed, the stable (at Broomhill) is the only building graded II*. All the others are graded II.

Space does not allow us to include all the details of every building but it may be of general interest to record here, very briefly, the full list. Two abbreviations have been used :-   C= Century;  c= circa (about).

1.   Birchwood (off Harding Avenue). Lady Catherine Stewart Monument.  1812.

2.   Broomhill Road.     East Lodge of Broomhill.  1895.

3.   Church Road.        No. 14 House and Shop.  c1800.

4.   The Common.        St Peter's Church. Decimus Burton.  1830.

5.   The Common.        Oak Cottage and Grove Lodge.  C18.

6.   The Common.        Woodcote.   c1830 cottage.

7.   The Common.        Bentham Hill.  Decimus Burton.  1830-32

8.   The Common.        West Lodge of Bentham Hill. Decimus Burton.  c1830.

9.    Holden Corner.      No. 28.  Early C19 cottage.

10.  Holden Road.        Nos. 15 and 17. Pair of C18 cottages.

11.  Holden Road.        No. 27.  Late C18 or early C19 farmhouse.

12.  Holden Road.        Holden House.  Late C18 house.

13.  Kibbles Lane.        East Lodge of Bentham Hill.  Decimus Burton.  c1830.

14.  London Road.       Mabledon Park. 1804. Enlarged by Decimus Burton 1830.

15.  London Road.       The Nightingales.  Early C19 farmhouse.

16.  London Road.       Lodge of former Great Bounds.  Mid C19.

17.  London Road.       Walls and gate piers to entrance to former Great Bounds. Mid 19th C.

18.  London Road.        Little Bounds. Early C18 house.

19.  London Road.        No. 10 (St Catherine's).  C18 and earlier.

20.  London Road.        No. 19 (Windie Edge).  1786 house.

21.  London Road.        Stuart Cottage.   Possibly C16 farmhouse.

22.  London Road.        No.  55.  Probably C17 cottage.

23.  London Road.        Nos.  57 and 59.  Pair of C17 cottages.

24.  London Road.        The Weavers Restaurant.  C16 hall house.

25.  London Road.        The Water Margin Restaurant.  C18 cottage.

26.  Modest Corner.      Bentham Farmhouse.  C17 farmhouse.

27.  Modest Corner.      The Beehive (Inn).  C18 cottage.

28.  Modest Corner.      No. 18.  C17 cottage.

29.  Modest Corner.      No. 22.  C18 cottage.

30.  Pennington Road.  St Thomas's Church.  1860.

31.  Pennington Road.  No. 7.  C17 cottage.

32.  Pennington Road.  Valley House.  C15 hall house.

33.  Pennington Road.  Barn at The Oast.  Pre-1830.

34.  Pennington Road.  Ivy House.  c1460 hall house.

35.  Pennington Road.  Barn at Ivy House.  C17.

36.  Powdermill Lane.    Colebrook Railway Viaduct.  1845.

37.  Prospect Road.      Christ Church. 1870-71.

38.  Speldhurst Road.   Broomhill.  Decimus Burton. 1850.

39.  Speldhurst Road.   Water tower and wall. Broomhill.  Late C19.

40.  Speldhurst Road.   Stable.  Broomhill.  Grade II*.  1894.

41.  Speldhurst Road.   North Lodge of Broomhill. Mid C19.

42.  Speldhurst Road.   Motor Houses.  Broomhill. c1898.

43.  Vauxhall Lane.       Barn at Honnington Farm.  Mid C19.

44.  Vauxhall Lane.       Moat Farmhouse.  C17 farmhouse.

45.  Vauxhall Lane.       Barn at Moat Farmhouse.  Mid C19.

46.  Victoria Road.        Nos. 1 and  2, Wood Cottage.  C16 farmhouse.

Some of the above have, naturally, been altered (some quite extensively) since they were originally built but enough remains to justify continued interest.

It is noteworthy that the name of Decimus Burton appears against six buildings. He was born in 1800 and Mabledon Park was his home from 1804 until it was sold in 1817, when the Burton family moved to St Leonards, Sussex.

Holden House (No. 12)

Holden House (No. 12)

Stuart Cottage (No. 21)

Stuart Cottage (No. 21)

St Thomas’s Church (No. 30)

St Thomas’s Church (No. 30)

The Viaduct (No.36)

The Viaduct (No.36)

Christchurch (No. 37)

Christchurch (No. 37)