The Southborough Society actively reviews planning applications and makes formal comments and recommendations to Southborough Town Council and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. Our aim is to preserve the character in our local buildings and street scene and to preserve green space where possible.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like our help or support or if there is an planning issue you feel should be addressed. If there is an application which you feel strongly about, we would encourage you as an individual to comment on the Tunbridge Wells Planning Portal here.

In order to make your comment as effective as possible, below is a guide to help you understand some key areas of Planning Policy.

Planning guide

For those of you with more time on your hands this document produced by the Department for Communities and Local Government provides a comprehensive overview of the planning process.

If however, you would prefer a quick guide - the key document to read is the Material Planning Considerations (see below). This is useful guidance to allow you to focus on the issues that will have the most impact and must be considered during the planning process. Feel free to add any personal views and particular points you wish to make, but the main thrust of your argument should be tied to one or more of these key issues.

Material Considerations in Planning.jpg